Protect remote work, content & deadlines.

Protect Admin provides protection for any selected WP admin in WordPress as a remote work & social community management tool.

What we do

How Protect Admin Helps

Protect Admin has helped remote work teams and distributed workforce members across web design, website development, agency client work as well as internal communications portals + social community management efforts by individuals, sole proprietors and small organizations.

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Remote Work

From assisting distributed workforces who work in a single environment to enabling the ability to create “in-project” references for those teams (via protected content & pages), minimize progress delays, meet expectations & client deadlines with Protect Admin.

Social Community Management

Protect Admin works with the online communities, teams, and groups functionality by Buddypress.

WP Admin Users

Select trusted WordPress Admin Users to protect their content, “in-project” references for a distributed workforce and/or the social community’s Groups, group members and activities.


What Others Have Said

Here’s what users and review sites have said about Protect Admin…

Unlike most other security plugins, it does not claim to be an all-in-one security plugin.
Instead, this plugin does one thing and does it well. – WP Hive

– WP Hive

Simple to use plugin and does exactly what it says. This should be party of all BuddyPress, BuddyBoss or any other membership addons. Thank you!

– Chris (review from WordPress Plugin Community)

Online Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

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