WordPress Admin User Protection

Protect specific WordPress admin users from being edited, modified, or deleted by other users and admin. Get notified by email when someone attempts to modify your protected admin users. Get full access to logs and data of users who attempted to modify protected admin user accounts.

Unlike most other security plugins, it does not claim to be an all-in-one security plugin. Instead, this plugin does one thing and does it well.


A lightweight plugin to minimize your site's resource consumption.

For Teams

A great solution for distributed workforces and teams with various permissions.


ProtectAdmin focuses strictly on WP Admin users (versus being everything to everyone).


In dashboard logs (free) and email notifications (PRO) for transparency & no-trust protection for Admin Users.

Protect Admin Account PRO

Extend the protection of your admin accounts by upgrading to the PRO version. Be the first to know when someone is attempting to modify your protected admin accounts.

The plugin also loads very fast, with an average page loading time affected only...while using it. This makes it faster than 99% of the plugins.

Are you a current PRO user and looking to share thoughts or feedback for future features you would like to see?